Dawn of Shadows

Prologue I: Five League House, Part 2

Galen is enjoying his expedition to Hammerfast. He just wishes he could have procured more
exotic metals from the dwarves for Lady Markelay. As he makes his way out of the massive
stone gates among the Dawnforge Mountains his mind wanders.

Everything exists everywhere. Why does Lady Markelay always say this? How can everything be
everywhere? All points exist at the same spot? I have already stood at this spot? I like the
color blue somewhere else? I am a ball of yarn somewhere else?

Ahh, the questions that once perplexed me. Planes, energy, and the multiverse. Psh… magic
trick… this is no trick…. Arcane energy flows into me to pull the fabric of this space
asunder so I can utilize what is already there somewhere else. Bending to my will.
Pretty cool. Yep.

Oh hey I should stop at the Five League House for a drink.

Prologue I: Five League House

Never has never been one of exceptional luck. His dream of being an elite warrior for his
elven Village in the Harken Forest seems to always escape his grasp. He knows he has the
talent and skills to be the best but everything in the world is against him. On his third
try at the Scout Exams he embarrassingly failed. As Never stalked his opposition past some
rotted tree trunks spralled over a small crevice etched out by a brook we lined up his shot.

As red sludge dripped off the bulbous tip of his arrow he tensed his muscles. Drawing the
string back as he inhales as his heart is calm as the forest waiting on a rainstorm. “This
is it this is all I need,” thinks Never. Then just as he releases the arrow his foot steps
on a path of trunk that has been previously infested with termites. Feeling a soft crunch
Never’s heart stops. Eye’s growing wide the world drops out below him. Racing in Never’s
mind, “No I never get a break. I never get what I want. I never have anything ever work out
in my favor.” After a short yelp Never finds himself hanging by a foot with his hair dipping
in a dribbling brook. He looks over as a rabbit finished drinking water turns towards him
and laughed. If a rabbit could laugh he thinks it did. The tightening of a bow string
catches Never’s attention. Splat. Blue.


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